Ari Naim and Boaz Rahav join Pigeon as Co-founders

Pigeon, a new communication technology platform focused on improving and managing customer service, announced today that Dr. Ari Naim and Boaz Rahav will join the company’s founding leadership team as a Co-founders.

Dr. Naim brings to Pigeon a strong history in commercializing large-scale technology platforms for the medical, consumer and other markets. Most recently serving as CEO and Co-founder of CenTrak, Dr. Naim has helped design, develop and install indoor tracking platforms for medical equipment, patients and staff in more than 30% of the hospitals in North America and in many other countries. Previously, as CEO and Co-Founder of Digital5, he ushered in the first digital audio products and home multimedia streaming products, both IoT based platforms, to the market under many brands such as Philips, RCA, Sanyo and TDK. He currently mentors early-stage companies in the areas of his domain expertise. Dr. Naim has authored numerous patents and is the recipient of the prestigious IEEE Outstanding Chapter Award for his valued services.
Mr. Rahav is an experienced and accomplished founder, board member, investor and advisor to financial and technology companies with over 20 years of experience. Boaz served as the Chief Economist for the Government of Israel Ministry of Finance in New York. He is the Co-founder of Cherre, Inc. Hypersonic Force LLC, Greencrest Capital and the AMIDEX Funds. He also serves on Executive Council, School of Management at New York Institute of Technology. Boaz has a business degree from Tel Aviv College of Business and an MBA (cum laude) from the New York Institute of Technology.
“I am very excited to welcome Ari and Boaz to Pigeon. They each bring unique expertise that will help shape Pigeon as we grow and focus on creating a customer service and communication product that every business will find valuable,” said Leon Redensky, CEO and Founder of Pigeon. “Ari will help boost efforts in the healthcare and comparable markets and Boaz will advise and lead business growth and investment strategy.”
Pigeon Platform, Inc. (Pigeon) was founded in 2018 with a mission to revolutionize customer service. It is the first platform of its kind, focused on empowering consumers and providing them the ability to reach out to a specific individual or group at any business directly via a singular platform – the Pigeon app. Pigeon’s mission is to unify all customer service engagement by offering consumers one point of entry to address all their day-to-day service needs.

Pigeon Business users benefit from the single platform that makes it easy to receive, process and manage customer requests. Business users can instantly, securely communicate with customers, collaborate with internal team members and seamlessly address other service-related processes, all in the Pigeon platform.

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