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We stand with Ukraine

Here at Pigeon Platform, while improving customer service is our business, humans are our real focus. Over the past two weeks, we have been heartbroken by the war in Ukraine, directly impacting millions of civilians, families, soldiers…humans. Many members of the Pigeon team live in Ukraine and are amongst those directly affected.

How can Pigeon help to meet customer expectations?

I'm sure you've heard "the customer is alway right," right? Whether you agree with that or not, customers do have more control and choices today than ever before, so knowing how to please customers is important. Below are some of the main customer expectations in today's world, and how Pigeon can help your business meet them.

The basics of customer experience

Customer experience (CX) includes the clients' interaction with your company's website, your actual product or service, the support team, sales and post-purchase experience. CX impacts overall perception of the service/product and can affect every aspect of your business from reputation to retention.

Send announcements with Pigeon Channels

A new way to connect with customers and get discovered Pigeon is built with an idea to bring customers closer to your business and help you to establish trustworthy relationships....

Revolutionary customer service platform, Pigeon, announces launch of premier human-to-human customer engagement app and web portal

Pigeon, a new platform focused on revolutionizing customer service, announces official launch of the Pigeon app and web portal. Pigeon is the first advanced human-to-human engagement platform that gives consumers...

Pigeon announces the hiring of Devin Christopher as Director of Client Services and Marketing

Pigeon, a new platform focused on revolutionizing customer service, announced today that Devin Christopher will be joining the fast-growing team as Director of Client Services and Marketing.

Ari Naim and Boaz Rahav join Pigeon as Co-founders

Pigeon, a new communication technology platform focused on improving and managing customer service, announced today that Dr. Ari Naim and Boaz Rahav will join the company’s founding leadership team as...

Learn how to create a connected digital and physical customer experience

Find out best practices about customer experience and customer service in today's world. Explore the data, tips and tools.