How can Pigeon help to meet customer expectations?

In our previous article we talked about Customer Experience that is based on abilities of your company to meet customer needs and expectations that are changing fast.

I’m sure you’ve heard “the customer is alway right,” right? Whether you agree with that or not, customers do have more control and choices today than ever before, so knowing how to please customers is important. Below are some of the main customer expectations in today’s world, and how Pigeon can help your business meet them.


While the digital revolution has been upon us for decades, it has never been quite as important as it is now following the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. According to McKinsey global survey the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the digitization of customer interactions by several years.

Customers expect businesses to have digital interaction capabilities

As customers sheltered at their homes, they turned to messaging in chats forcing businesses to focus all efforts on building better digital-first interactions. And the research indicates this trend is here to stay for good.

Pigeon allows your company to set up a business page that can be accessed through the web or the Pigeon app, and offers a better experience not only for customers, but also for your team. The ability to work on multiple requests at the same time without worrying that conversations will disappear when they are finished saves your business money and time. Moreover you don’t have to worry about lost requests or chats; every closed case in Pigeon moves to the Archive folder where it can be easily found and checked.

2. 24/7 SERVICE

Customers don’t want to wait. They expect convenience and immediate results. Without getting the right service at the exact moment, they can easily switch to another company. But what can be done if being present online around the clock seems challenging and costly for your business?

Using Pigeon, your team will have flexibility while also keeping your customers informed. Pigeon enables you to:

  • Inform clients about the time when the request can be processed with Away Messages
  • Forward cases to another person when some of the team members are away
  • Add a backup contact to cover urgent customer requests while he or she is not available
Manage customer expectations with away messages


The use of the internet and social media have changed consumers’ behavior. They prefer visual and videos over pages of text. Providing accurate and helpful information in an efficient format helps to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With Pigeon platform you can avoid spending hours on explaining something that can be visualized. Equip your customer service team with tools to handle customer inquiries efficiently:

  • Add pictures
  • Share locations
  • Send links and contacts
  • Use video and voice calls

The process of improving your customer experience should be managed carefully and rechecked constantly. Stay turned for more about ways to enhance it and help your customers.