Pigeon announces the hiring of Devin Christopher as Director of Client Services and Marketing

Pigeon, a new platform focused on revolutionizing customer service, announced today that Devin Christopher will be joining the fast-growing team as Director of Client Services and Marketing. With nearly a decade of experience across client management, digital advertising and marketing strategy, Devin will concentrate on leading client relationships and marketing efforts as Pigeon moves to its next phase.
“We are excited to have Devin on board.” said Pigeon COO and Co-Founder, Boaz Rahav. “Our focus is to become the go-to platform for simple and consistent customer service across all businesses; Devin’s strong marketing and client services background will be super valuable for the successful implementation of our growth strategy.”
“I am thrilled to be part of this team,” said Devin Christopher, Pigeon Director of Client Services and Marketing. “In today’s world, it’s more important than ever before to have a seamless customer journey across both digital and physical touchpoints. Pigeon’s focus on combining innovative technology with real people will make it the first platform to solve this gap for both businesses and their customers. I look forward to bringing this vision to life, as well as making sure our clients maintain that same positive experience while using our product.”
Founded in 2018, Pigeon Platform, Inc. (Pigeon) is looking to disrupt the customer service market by empowering consumers and providing them the ability to reach out to a specific individual or group at any business directly via a singular platform – the Pigeon app. Pigeon’s mission is to standardize all customer service interactions by offering consumers a singular point of entry to address all their day-to-day service needs. Consumers will be able to engage with their bank, school, township, car dealership, doctor and member club, all from one place.
For businesses, the benefit Pigeon offers goes beyond making consumers feel satisfied that the business is adapting to their needs; Pigeon also makes it easy to collaborate across your entire organization, seamlessly pass information back and forth in real time, and address other service related processes all in the Pigeon platform.

For more information, visit https://GetPigeon.com.