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Early Access Program

Never miss an opportunity to wow a potential or existing customer. Create a Pigeon Business account so customers can easily discover and interact with you.


Sign up during our Early Access Program, and your business will get Pigeon free forever, no strings attached.
Wondering how we can offer a premium product at no charge? Well, to achieve our vision of pain-FREE customer service for everyone, we are building a community of businesses looking to deliver amazing customer experiences. To show our appreciation to early businesses that share our vision, we’re giving it to you for free. You will get Pigeon’s full functionality now and first access to additional advanced features we are still developing for the future.

Custom support tree
Chat, call, video with customers
Chat with internal team

Ticket management
Broadcast channels


Need a custom solution?

Let us know about your customer interaction needs and how Pigeon may be able to help!


Our Premium service is designed for organizations that require customizations and dedicated support.


Our Enterprise platform is built for larger organizations and offers a complete suite of features, 24/7 support and integrations

Full list of features

*Beta estimated for early 2022