Send announcements with Pigeon Channels

A new way to connect with customers and get discovered

Pigeon is built with an idea to bring customers closer to your business and help you to establish trustworthy relationships. One of the ways to do this is to broadcast messages and send announcements. Pigeon Channels allow you to share real-time information to larger groups of your customers. Spread the word about your new products, offers, time-sensitive event information and more. Channels help you save time and keep your subscribers up to date.

How Channels can help my business

In the age of choice and social media, people engage with content only when they have a specific reason to do so. Pigeon helps you to understand the customers’ needs. And when you know your audience, you can provide relevant and meaningful content without spending a fortune on branding and marketing.
Channels are designed to deliver key messages or to lead subscribers to specific actions. Regular customers stopped using your service? Craft a touchy message, offer a discount and add sad faces of your team members. Planning to open a new location? Inform your customers by sharing the new address. Hosting an event? Send real-time updates and pictures.
Business users can access and edit Channels through the Chats section on the Pigeon web platform. Customers can view your Channels via the Pigeon Customer app on your business page, and have the option to subscribe to Channels that interest them most. Every time you add a new message or image to your channel, the subscribers get notified by Pigeon app, so they won’t miss it.

Before you send an announcement, keep in mind:

  • Avoid being annoying. Get to know the best times for adding new content to your Channels and optimize accordingly.
  • Create the content with your subscribers in mind and make sure they are provided with useful information.
  • Be accurate: no typos or misleading information.
  • Monitor your communication with customers. When customers send you follow up messages about information in Channels, they expect a timely response.
  • Sharing valuable content that is relevant to your customers and goes in line with your objectives increases your chances of achieving the business’s goals.
The current COVID-19 situation is increasing the demand for digital business communications and reliable customer support tools. And Pigeon helps you adapt to your customers’ need while maintaining the human touch that is sometimes lost in digital-only interactions. Get the best deal: sign up your business now and use Pigeon for free! Try our new functionality and provide a vital point of engagement between your business and customers.
Send announcements through Pigeon Channels