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Who we are

Our vision

We believe customer service should be about empowering the customer. Today, customer service is dictated by corporations with very little control on the customer’s side. We want to fix that.

We are building Pigeon to become the go-to platform for simple and consistent customer service across all businesses, which will ultimately increase customer satisfaction and business productivity.

The team

Leon Redensky

CEO, Founder

Olena Chernyahivska

CTO, Founder

Boaz Rahav


Ari Naim


Gideon Naim


Devin Christopher

Director, Client Services and Marketing

Dmytro Hirak

Product Designer, Product Manager

Yurii Lobas

QA Engineer

Vlad Mokriy

Frontend Developer

Volodymyr Pobochii

Technical Lead

Vlad Soroka

iOS Developer

Masha Vynogradova

UX Writer