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Our technology makes it easier for anyone in your organization to text, voice or video chat with your customers all in one secure place – all while maintaining privacy, collaborating internally and externally, and monitoring real-time insights.

Business benefits

Now available on the App Store or Google Play

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Pigeon for

Communicate directly with live individuals at any business the way you want all in one app.

Customer benefits

  • Instant direct channels to communicate with real people—contact the right person and department instantly

  • Easy follow-ups to re-engage with businesses on same issue without having to start from scratch every time

  • Complete rating platform to share your experience and see collaborative business ratings from other users

  • Contact management system eliminates the need to remember names and employee ID’s of who you were dealing with before

  • Built-in scheduling allows you to instantly create appointment requests and schedule service or maintenance

  • Consistent and trusted experience for every business on Pigeon, no fragmented methods of communication

  • Text, voice, and video securely integrated within the platform

Now available on the App Store or Google Play

Download our app

Businesses Pricing

Pigeon is always FREE for customers.


Create custom support tree, customers can discover your page and communicate with specific employees:
$ 15 Add’l user /month
Customers always FREE unlimited
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Archive conversations, search and capture, voice and video calls enabled, detailed analytics, opt-in ability

$ 60 Site fee /month

$ 25 Per user /month

Customers always FREE unlimited
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Full functionality, multi-layer directories, customized solutions, enhanced analytics, 24/7 support, on-site training

$ 2,000
$ 25,000


Customers always FREE unlimited
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